This site is devoted to the wonderful and highly danceable music from Africa like soukous, ndombolo, afro zouk, makossa, mbaqanga, zouglou, coupé-décalé and others. It presents well known and lesser-known artists from many Sub-Sahara countries. When listening to the music you can click on the links to find out background information, articles, lyrics, interviews and places where to buy the CDs. You are also given the possibilty to rate the song.
With the jukebox, you can compile your own playlist. On the playlists page you can select from a number of pre-compiled playlists.
I will continue updating this site with new songs, so do come back again.
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Han Dentener
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  • Number of songs: 480
  • Number of albums: 312
  • Number of artists: 216
  • Number of countries: 22
  • Hours of music: appr. 65hrs.


  • If you are new to African music select under playlists "Introduction to African dance music"
  • It is recommended to set the filter level of the pop-up blocker to medium when you want to explore the links and listen to the music at the same time

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